Fantasy Lineup

Fantasy Lineup
Quinn Squyres
It's that time of year again!—let's set your Lineup on Salesform.
Fantasy Lineup

Week 1 Lineups

In Fantasy Football, Week 1 lineups are easy. It's been months since you last watched a football game, so you don't have to think too hard about setting starters for your team.

On Salesform, setting your first Lineup is just as easy as setting that first lineup for fantasy. Once you've installed Salesform, it takes only one click to add team members to a Lineup that can automatically handle all sorts of inbound leads. Did an inbound lead recently raise a Series C round? Send to your "Large ACV Team." Is an inbound lead based out of Brazil? Send to your "LatAm Team." Besides routing inbound leads based on enriched data, you can also easily share those leads within your CRM by enabling round robin for a Lineup or toggling other group settings.

Why does Salesform let you Lineup so easily to take meetings? Because...

"The average first response time of B2B companies to their leads was 42 hours." -HubSpot

But what happens once your regular season is underway?

Week 2 Lineups

Unlike the week-to-week substitutions for fantasy, managing your Lineups on Salesform is stress-free! If team members go on vacation, simply bench them from Lineups until they return. If you hire a new AE, one-click add her or him to any Lineup. If you need to update routing rules for a Lineup that's super busy, it's just as easy to adjust criteria for when Lineups should take new meetings.

Why is it so simple to create and manage lineups on Salesform? Because...

"50% of sales go to the vendor that first responds." -InsideSales.com

Good luck on winning your sales season, and if you want to see a Lineup in action, book a demo with our team.

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