Inbound Buzzer

Inbound Buzzer
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Buzzer beaters are everywhere.
Inbound Buzzer

Beat the Buzzer

In the final seconds of the fourth quarter, you can't always count on rebounds.

On April 17, 2022, the Boston Celtics stayed alive in the NBA Playoffs thanks to a layup in the last 0.1 second of the game. It looked easy enough, but only 804 buzzer beaters have been made in NBA history. In that moment, even great players can easily make a bad pass or take the wrong shot.

Inbound sales are a lot like buzzer beaters with less fanfare. Your window for selling is pretty much the same: 78% of prospects buy from the first company to contact them. That's why it's so important that your company's first meeting is the prospect's first meeting and that the meeting itself makes sense for your company (i.e. wastes of time are avoided and the right account executive is assigned to meet).

Instead of letting you miss a hard outside shot, Salesform sets you up for an easy free throw. Now, that person who filled out your "Contact Us" in a hurry? Salesform responds instantly based on preset criteria, so no one on your team has to rush.

Seeing Double AND ONE More Thing

Ken Krogue founded InsideSales.com (backed by Kleiner Perkins, SalesforceVentures, etc.), and at InsideSales.com, found that:

an inbound lead was worth about double an outbound one found via prospecting. 

The problem? There are exponentially more small companies in the world than large ones, so sales teams can easily be overwhelmed and risk spending too much time on diminishing returns. That's why Salesform's lead qualification and routing are so handy! Once you've configured Salesform to fit your team's workflow, your SDR won't have to manage that first point of contact or stay on top of any interest through your site's "Contact Us." Rather, you can execute your playbook flawlessly—automatically—for taking the first meeting and making sure your best reps are always on deck.

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